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Summer of Harmony | Lotus Fragrance and Ancient Rhyme in the Fireworks World


    In June, the harmony is lush with lush greenery, and the flowers along the way appear even more ancient and elegant. If it happens to be a rainy day, the ancient town is like a thick and light ink painting, adding a touch of hazy poetry. In this beautiful picture of Heshun summer, lotus is the most enchanting stroke of genius.



    There are many places to admire lotus flowers in Heshun. At the entrance of the village, by the Shuanghong Bridge, there is a pool of green lotus ponds, like a piece of jade, perfectly embedded between two ancient stone bridges shaped like rainbows. The lotus veins are fragrant, and a cool breeze rises. Let you feel the coolness of summer as soon as you enter the ancient town. It feels like being in a poetic world where the lotus breeze sends fragrance and the dewdrops make a gentle sound.



    Due to lotus flowers, sinking into the river has also become the most touching place in the summer of Heshun. "My hometown is good. It's best to sink into the river, with purple swallows piercing through the green willows, green cows lying by the red lotus pond, and wandering alone in a boat." In summer, the river is flooded with lush water grass, and in a pool of clear water, the faint pink color of a small lotus is like the rising morning glow on the horizon, gentle and brilliant. The river meanders, the small boats sway, and the sound of rowing can be heard. June's Heshun is the Jiangnan of Lotus Leaf Hetian.



    On a warm summer day, the harmony submerged in the greenery is even more vibrant, fresh and elegant. The library, ancestral temples, temples, and old houses in the ancient town are the witnesses and witnesses of history. The carved wooden doors and windows are wrapped in traces of time, and each pattern seems to tell the story of the ancient town's past. Strolling through it, the peaceful memories of the past are within reach.



    The lamp core road paved with blue volcanic stones reflects a warm luster after the baptism of time. Strolling through it, every step feels like stepping on the thread of history, like silent poems, feeling the flow and changes of time.



    Stroll around the ancient town, find a restaurant or tea house to sit down, taste a local specialty snack, taste a cup of coffee, or brew a pot of Pu'er tea. Accompanied by the melodious sound of silk and bamboo, savor carefully and slowly. In the smoke of tea, a sense of tranquility and comfort naturally arises from the bottom of my heart. This is a sense of belonging like home, soaking in the smoke and fire of the ancient town, making people feel grounded and warm.



    From midsummer to Heshun, immerse yourself in the fragrance of lotus, savor the ancient charm, and experience the fireworks of the world. Experience a sense of tranquility and beauty, weave a romantic and boundless summer dream.