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Tour Notes

    Dear tourists, in order to ensure the safety of you and others, and create a good order in the scenic area, so that you can better enjoy the pleasure brought by the beautiful scenery of Heshun Ancient Town, please consciously abide by the following tour rules:



    1、Tourists are requested to dress in a civilized manner, line up in order, and check in to the park; tourist teams, please follow the arrangements of the scenic staff and enter the park from the designated passage.



    2、In order to facilitate the implementation of the ticket preferential policy, please take the initiative to present valid certificates such as old age certificate, military certificate, and labor model certificate when entering the park. Please keep your tickets properly for inspection.



    3、When entering the scenic spot, please wear a mask in accordance with the requirements of the scenic spot's epidemic prevention and control, keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter between people, and prohibit large-scale crowds.



    4、It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable, explosive, highly toxic, radioactive and other dangerous items into the scenic area: it is strictly forbidden to make fires and campfires in the scenic area.



    5、Please take good care of your money and belongings and take care of your children to avoid loss or accidents.



    6、Please do not swim or play in the ponds of the scenic spot; when engaging in entertainment activities, please strictly abide by the entertainment instructions.



    7、Protect the cultural relics of the scenic spot, take care of the flowers, trees, and public facilities in the scenic spot, do not scribble, trample on lawns, or climb flowers and trees; pay attention to hygiene, do not spit, defecate, and throw debris.



    8、If you encounter rainy weather, please pay attention to the slippery road surface and be careful not to fall.



    9、During the tour, if you encounter related problems, you can call the staff of the scenic spot in time.



    9、At the end of the tour, please follow the directions and signs to leave the scenic area at the exit.






    Ticket price: 55 yuan (pass ticket, including all attractions in the scenic area)



    Opening hours: 8:00am——7:30pm



    support hotline :0875—5158369



    Business Cooperation Telephone :0875--5158880



    Rescue call:0875--5150010



    Complaint telephone:0875--5158998/5151919/12301