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Hello June! Heshun Ancient Town Rural Life Season


    The ancient town of Heshun, nurtured over six hundred years, has a poetic and picturesque charm similar to that of Jiangnan, retaining the memories of pastoral farming. June is a good time to experience the rural life in the ancient town.


    Pastoral pastoral songs, memories of farming during busy farming seasons


    In June's Heshun, amidst the crisscrossing fields, there is a scene of busy farming. "Light smoke, desert, and continuous rain, a handful of green seedlings riding on the green hands." The busy figures of farmers shuttle through the fields. The land opened by the wooden plow has turned into a shallow paddy field. The water surface shimmered with ripples, complementing the blue sky and white clouds. The newly plowed land is waiting for tender green seedlings to take root and grow, sowing hope for a bountiful harvest.



    The snow-white egret leisurely follows the farmers in the field, foraging for food. A picturesque countryside scene with white egrets flying in the desert water fields and yellow orioles singing in the gloomy summer trees.




    On that day, as the head sank to the west and the smoke from the kitchen wafted, the farmers finished their day's work and embarked on their journey home with satisfaction and exhaustion.



    June Heshun showcases the side of this ancient village that has been immersed in agricultural civilization. Heshun still retains the legacy of traditional agricultural civilization, intertwined with the fireworks of the ancient town to create a touching picture, evoking modern people's agricultural memories. Attracting people to immerse themselves in pastoral experiences and rediscovering the relaxation and freedom of body and mind while exploring the traditional beauty of the ancient town.



    The ancient town stage is splendid and diverse, with a melodious ancient charm


    In the peaceful summer, besides hard farming, there is also a feast of literature and art waiting for you to taste.



    Heshun, the sound of oars is melodious, accompanied by the gentle sound of oars. Riding on a boat, you leisurely stroll between the winding river channels, wandering with the light and clouds of water, making you feel like you are in the Jiangnan region of apricot blossoms and misty rain; The ethnic music theater, like threads of melody drifting in the air, awakens the soul of music in the ancient town, showcasing its depth and warmth.



    The water Han wedding, like a dream like ceremony, unfolds on the water surface, reproducing the solemnity and romance of traditional weddings, allowing people to immerse themselves in this classical poetry.



    In the afternoon, go to the General Soldier's Mansion to experience the Old Time Music Concert, where the fragrance of tea and music intertwine, as if time is flowing backwards, allowing you to immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of the harmonious ancient charm and new sound.



    At dusk, under the night sky, the campfire party is filled with flames and enthusiasm, igniting the passion and vitality of summer nights, allowing you to enjoy yourself and forget the hustle and bustle of the world.



    Time flies, books, incense, and fireworks complement each other


    At the foot of the volcano, the Heshun family is shrouded in smoke and fire. The bluestone road meanders long and winding, with ancient trees towering in the sky and lush greenery covering the road. Following the secluded alleyway towards the depths of the ancient town, we met the villagers along the way. The homecoming people carrying fresh vegetables, the leisurely people carrying children on their backs, and the elderly people sitting around the Lu Gate chatting. Their words and actions revealed the peace and tranquility of a peaceful life, and their deep attachment and love for a peaceful home.




    The Cross Road Centennial Vegetable Street is a microcosm of the peaceful and prosperous days, with a dazzling array of seasonal vegetables, mountain delicacies, and delicious food. The bustling street, several hundred meters long, has become the best place for people to experience a peaceful life.



    In addition to the fireworks of daily life, Heshun is also permeated with a peaceful and beautiful poetic atmosphere.



    The poetry originates from the cultural heritage here. Entering the Heshun Library, the wooden lintel exudes the fragrance of time, and the window frames are mottled with light and shadow, telling stories of the past. The ancient wooden bookshelves are neatly arranged, and in one corner of the library, handwritten registration books and borrowing cards are bound with rubber bands, neat and orderly. It witnesses the tradition of the Heshun people's "farming, reading, and inheriting", allowing homesickness to be expressed and continued in the fragrance of books.



    From June to Heshun, to the fields and fields, feel the hard work and joy of farming, and appreciate the hope and beauty carried by each seed. Immersed in the colorful performances of the ancient town, the soul is nourished by melodious music and touching stories, making every moment of the journey full of poetry and warmth.



    From June to Heshun, immerse yourself in the rural scenery, experience the fireworks of the ancient town, the stars shining in the night sky, and the rural dreams of the ancient town are leisurely. Here, every glance is a healing of the soul, and every place is filled with pure poetry.