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Combining Culture, Tourism, and Science Popularization | The First Anniversary of the Completion of Yin Ge's Study in Heshun Ancient Town

    On May 21, 2023, during the Tengchong Scientists Forum Life Science Popularization and Livelihood HP Heshun Activity, Yin Ge's study landed in the Heshun Ancient Town Scenic Area. Becoming the third permanently free and open Yin Ge Public Welfare Study in China after Beijing and Dalian, and the first Yin Ge Public Welfare Study located in a 5A scenic area.

    As of now, the study of He Shun Yin Ge includes books and physical objects on natural sciences, life sciences, genetics, and technological history. Huada Group also donated a domestically produced gene sequencer BGISEQ-500 with independent intellectual property rights to the study, as well as many exquisite and meaningful science popularization, cultural and creative exhibits to enrich the study.

    Over the past year, the content of the study has been continuously enriched, with the addition of a painting full of popular science and philosophy called "Believe in Love"; The Chinese translation of American evolutionary biologist Thomas Hunter Morgan's genetic work "The Theory of Genes" appeared in the study, which was the first Chinese version published by Science Press in 1959. Translated by Mr. Lu Huilin, the founder of genetic theory in China and a student of Morgan, and donated to Yin Ge's study by her famous female geneticist Ms. Lu Guangxiu on January 18, 2024. At the same time, the study also meticulously created a science popularization image exhibition featuring local birds in Heshun, featuring "Magical Animals in Heshun". Building on the rich historical and cultural foundation of Heshun, the study added scientific labels to create a science popularization space that continues to influence the public.

    He Shun Yin Ge's study has been full of the love and hard work of its founder, Mr. Yin Ye. During the 2023 Tengchong Scientists Forum, amidst his busy schedule, he visited He Shun and had an offline meeting with study volunteers to share his reading experience with everyone. Together, he grafted the Duobao eggplant tree and promoted the beautiful rural scenery, rich cultural history, and unique ancient town cuisine of the ancient town. He popularized science and technology harmoniously, moistening everything silently!

    For the past year, volunteers from Tengchong and all over the country have come to the study located in the General Soldier's Mansion of Heshun Alley every day, rain or shine, providing readers with attentive, patient, and meticulous services, and making the most vivid interpretation of the spirit of public welfare.

    Readers immerse themselves in the simple and elegant study of Heshun Yin Ge, immersing themselves in the fragrance of books, exploring the source of life, and comprehending the path of science. Many readers who feel this leave high praise for Yin Ge's study in their message books.

    The "Yin Ge Study" has established a new model of integrating science popularization and cultural tourism in Heshun Ancient Town, becoming a highlight of science popularization work in Tengchong City. On January 31, 2024, the "Yin Ge Study" in Heshun was awarded the "Tengchong City Science Popularization Education Demonstration Base".

    The combination of culture, tourism, and popular science is suitable because Yin Ge's study allows readers who have a long history and profound cultural heritage to share the warmth of the study, rediscover the original intention of reading and the tranquility of the soul together. Adhering to the concept of "public welfare, free construction, and sharing" in Yin Ge's study, we have always been on the road!