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How to play May Day| Playing a Different Holiday Joy Ode in Heshun Ancient Town Comedy Carnival!

    May Day holiday is coming

    Where will I travel during this holiday?

    The busy working people are physically and mentally exhausted every day

    Would you like a different holiday gameplay?

    Anyway, holidays should be filled with laughter!

    Comedy tour? No labor market? A labor market for food and vegetables? The Fishing Man Sports Meet? Is it a joyful feeling to listen to?

    This May Day, come to Heshun Ancient Town! Make sure you have a different Labor Day holiday! The ancient town is playing a song of labor and joy, and a comedy carnival is unfolding, waiting for you to experience a pleasant journey full of surprises and joy!

    In Heshun Ancient Town, you will collide with impromptu comedy and dragon dance parades, immerse yourself in them, and have exciting interactions; You can go to the no labor market to Taobao; Go to the labor market to choose fresh food; Competing in the Fisherman Games; Carnival on a comedy campfire at night; At the punch card counter of the roast conference, roast... seven theme activities were wonderful.

    How exactly do we play? What do you think? Here is a comprehensive guide for your reference, helping you savor this joyful feast. The most comprehensive gameplay guide! Please bookmark!




    The Return of the Barbarians - Comedy Parade

    The Strongest Worker in Laughter

    Professional comedians shuttle through the quaint streets, incorporating the cultural elements of the ancient town's "wandering the barbarians" into impromptu comedy performances, passionately interpreting and following stories. The sound of pack bells, the caravan journeying far, following the ancestors, carrying dreams, traversing mountains and rivers, pioneering and enterprising, forging a spirit of harmony that showcases individuality and embraces the world with diligence and wisdom; Carrying gold, carrying silver, carrying the charming ancient town. Play a hymn of tribute to and obedience to the workers.


    Dragon and Horse Spirit • Folk Parade

    Traditional customs can still be played like this

    What kind of sparks will dragon dance collide with comedy parades? How will traditional customs and improvisational comedy meet? Let's look forward to it together!

    The drums and gongs shook the sky, and the golden dragon danced wildly. The dragon dance team in the May Day parade was particularly eye-catching. With the tacit cooperation of the dragon dancers, the golden dragon rolled and circled with the drum beats, forming a lively and lively scene, pushing the joyful atmosphere of the parade to a climax, allowing tourists to feel the spirit and unity of the workers.


    Labor Day • Non Labor Market

    The holiday market of "no labor, only happiness"

    Relax well during the holiday, and the main theme of Labor Day is "not to work" but to be happy!

    The market with the theme of no labor is worth visiting. In this special market, you can temporarily forget the fatigue of labor and immerse yourself in a dazzling array of handicrafts and specialty snacks. Every stall here is filled with the craftsmanship and creativity of workers, making people marvel at the exquisite craftsmanship of each handicraft, and every delicious dish is making your taste buds revel.


    Labor Day • Labor Market for Workers

    I am born with a dish that will always be useful

    Self deprecation is an essential tool for survival and happiness for working people. Cooking with seasoning, humor counts! Refusing "banana green", even if you roll it up, you are still a vegetable!

    The workplace is like a vegetable market, and the ancient town will provide the most vivid and appropriate interpretation of this sentence with its unique vegetable market language. Yes, we have a unique vegetable market! Here, there's no need to garnish or roll inside, because there's real garlic and cabbage! Let everyone have a heartfelt smile amidst the playful humor. Feel the greatness in that ordinary. In this market, we are not only customers, but also witnesses to the lives of workers. Be optimistic and believe that I am born to be useful.


    Labor Day • Fishing Man Sports Day

    Did you fish today?

    How can you "fish"? Speaking of which, fishing also requires skills! Let's take a look at the atmosphere of the Fisherman's Sports Day together!

    In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, we fish, play, and compete, and the minds of the workers are perfectly grasped by the ancient town. Experience the leisurely fishing experience in the interactive mini game Pitcher Super Sagittarius. Don't underestimate it, fishing is also a technical skill!


    Working for Wealth • Comedy Campfire Carnival

    A Super Reverse Carnival Night

    Since it's a comedy bonfire carnival, do you believe there will definitely be Easter eggs?

    As night falls, the campfire burns brightly. Celebrate the hard work and dedication of the laborers with unique songs and laughter against the backdrop of fire and starry sky. This is a carnival for workers and also a release of the soul. In a comedy wedding performance, the brave man who returned from a barbarian land won a wealthy young lady through a martial arts competition, entering the pinnacle of his life and achieving a beautiful story. A bonfire party, where tourists spend an unforgettable night laughing and dancing in Yunnan's unique dance scene.


    Labor Day • roast Conference

    Main focus is on confiding and checking in

    What kind of poetry and distance, it is better to participate in a working people's roast conference!

    "Although you don't have an appointment, you can work overtime." "Although you earn less, you do more." Yes, leave your footprints and smiles at the roast clocking place in the US and Chen areas. Enjoy relaxing and smooth time in humorous roast. This is a recognition and appreciation of one's hard work as a laborer.

    May Day Labor Day, come to Heshun Ancient Town to participate in a unique comedy carnival!

    Let us savor the stories of the ancient town and seek the wisdom and inheritance of labor in its quaint and ancient charm; Experience the charm and brilliance of labor in exciting performances; Enjoy the joy and happiness of labor in an atmosphere of laughter and joy!

    Leave roast! Take away laughter!

    This Labor Day holiday, it's not possible without you!

    We are waiting for you in Heshun Ancient Town!

    Please find attached the May Day activity schedule for the Heshun Ancient Town Scenic Area